A Healthy Feast From The Mediterranean

Finding healthy Mediterranean cuisine in NJ shouldn’t be much of a problem; especially that it’s a given that the west is hopelessly romantic about food and fitness. Mediterranean cuisine is no longer just about heavy sauces and meaty dishes. One can find a ton of healthy alternatives in the cuisine – that too without compromising on the taste. Here are a few ways to incorporate Mediterranean cuisine as a part of your daily life without worrying about piling on the pounds.

Plant based foods

As good as heavy meat based dishes are, Mediterranean food is more than just that. The cuisine is rich in plant based dishes, especially those involving nuts, seeds, legumes, grains, etc. These foods are extremely filling and have a unique taste that adds to the dining experiences. Thus, these vegetarian dishes are both healthy and easy on the budget.

Lean proteins is a must

Although vegetarian meals are nutritious they do lack a significant amount of protein. Thus, one has to include lean proteins such as chicken and eggs to make up for losses. You can also incorporate fish, as they are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, to help regulate heart and mental health. These can be braised or steamed and topped with a suitable sauce to add flavor.

Choose whole foods

Mediterranean cuisine is not favorable to using processed foods in its recipes. Fresh food and meat adds a different texture and taste that is impossible to replicate with their processed alternatives. One of the biggest differences between the western food culture and the Mediterranean food culture is the use of olive oil in place of butter. Even as a dipping, Mediterranean cuisine calls for olive oil mixed/ infused in oregano in place of butter. Olive oil is also used in all forms of cooking, which gives the food its authentic Mediterranean flavor. With the use of copious amounts of olive oil in Mediterranean cuisine; the food offers good fat from healthy sources.

Eat in moderation

Many maintain that Mediterranean cuisine is not just a diet but a lifestyle in itself. The presence of lean meat and rich in plant matter makes it an exemplary cuisine that suits the nutritional needs of modern generations. It can also help keep your food intake in check, since Mediterranean food is filling and digests at a moderate pace. The growing number of health conscious restaurants that specializes in healthy Mediterranean cuisine in New Jersey makes it easier to find a healthy yet satisfying meal with a Mediterranean twist to it. Do your research well and start enjoying an entirely new range of food products for better health and taste; you will be surprised to see all that’s in store.