How The Halal Certification Agency In Canada Works?

Increasingly people are growing devoted to their religion and are imbibing the religious way of life. Hence, there is a rise in the pattern of consumerism and accordingly, sellers are catering to the people. Halal food is one such change in the way stores, restaurants, and hotels are serving the food products. It refers to the fact that the food and drink are permitted for the Muslims to consume. Right from the contents to the methods of preparation are in conjunction with the religious guidance. If you are planning to get the certification, you should visit our website today.

There are several questions pertaining to the working of the halal certification agencies. Here is the information that you need to know:

Which industries can apply for the halal certification?

There are different sectors in the food industry wherein the certification stands out to be of great importance. The most popular ones are:

  • Meat Packing: Be it beef, seafood or poultry, the halal certification agency can help you in getting the certification.
  • Agro Food: If you are in the raw food industry and looking for a certification in halal food items then you can find the services of the certification agency to be helpful.
  • Additives: There are spices, condiments, and additives that can undergo the certification procedures. But, not every seller is aware of the fact. Hence, you can contact the agency for certification.
  • Pharmaceutical: You might find it odd but there are Halal certified medicines as well. You can contact the halal certification service to get the details on how to apply and get certified.
  • Nutritional Food Items: Be it supplements or energy drinks, if you think that there are ingredients that have to be halal certified, contact the certification agency in Canada for details.
  • Personal Care Products: People become conscious about the products they use for their hygiene and personal grooming. Accordingly, the cosmetic manufacturers are taking measures to get the halal certification.

How does the halal certification agency in Canada works?

There is nothing complex about the working of the certification agency in Canada. The process is simple and anyone can apply for it provided they follow the halal procedures carefully.

  • Step 1: The first stage is to apply for the certification. There will be a web application that you will have to complete. Once the agency evaluates your application, it will send a confirmation about it.
  • Step 2: A professional from the center will be sent down to your place for the ‘inspection’. You will be updated with the time and date for the same in advance. Accordingly, you can keep the premises and your staff ready for the procedure.
  • Step 3: Once the assessment it is done, you will be sent the certificate if the agency found your procedures to be in accordance with the halal requirements. You will have to pay for the certification irrespective whether you are certified or not.

There is nothing complex about getting the certification. You simply have to approach the right agency for the certification.