Five Benefits to Eating Organic Foods

As people learn more about how their food is produced, many people have stopped buying processed foods and have begun buying organically-grown or produced foods. Organic produce is grown without using herbicides, pesticides, or other chemicals in its production, and organically-produced meat and fish are not given antibiotics, growth hormones, or feed containing animal byproducts. Here are five advantages of consuming organic food.

Provides Natural Methods for Disease Prevention

Instead of giving animals antibiotics and other medications to prevent diseases, natural methods are used to keep animals from getting sick. These methods include keeping their stalls and barns clean by removing faeces and soiled straw, and preventing infestations of rodents. Animals are also given healthy diets and are moved from pasture to pasture so they will have good grasses upon which to graze. In addition, organically-grown livestock are taken out of their pens or barns to get fresh air and exposure to sunlight.

Is Sustainable

When food is grown and raised organically, farmers can save money because they don’t have to buy antibiotics, growth hormones, or other medications to give their livestock. They also don’t have to purchase genetically-modified seeds, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals to spray crops. In addition, these toxic substances will not poison groundwater supplies or taint the food, and farm workers won’t be exposed to chemicals because no sprayings are done.

Offers More Nutrients

If you’re eating more vegetables and fruits to lose weight or prevent disease, organic produce is the better choice as it offers more nutrients. Produce grown using chemical fertilisers and GMO seeds lack or have far fewer nutrients than needed. These foods do not provide the daily recommended allotment of   minerals and vitamins your body needs to remain healthy. Organic meat in Twickenham is also more nutritious than traditionally-raised livestock.

Is Less Expensive

As organic food production has increased to meet demand, prices for organic foods have dropped, so they are equal to or less expensive than traditionally-produced foods. Organic foods are easy to obtain at farmer’s markets, and they are usually less expensive than those offered in supermarkets. In addition, with the health benefits received from consuming organic food, it reduces your need for medications and healthcare, so you can save money in that regard as well.

Uses Environmentally-Friendly Farming Techniques

The techniques used in organic farming help protect the environment because they use less energy, conserve water, reduce pollution, and prevent soil erosion. Not to mention, the farming techniques also produce more fertile soil. Not using toxic chemicals also means wildlife, birds, and beneficial insects like bees will not be accidentally poisoned. In addition, runoff from fields will not contain chemicals, so groundwater and nearby rivers and streams will not be contaminated with chemicals.

If you are changing your diet to include only organically-grown foods, you will find more varieties available at your local grocers. You can also purchase organic foods at farmer’s markets or in local butcher shops if you want organically grown meat and fish. Eating organic foods helps provide the nutrients your body needs.