Chicago Food

Chicago is not only known for its freezing weather and champion sports teams (waddup Blackhawks) but its food is also worth boasting about. The variety of food that the state offers is mind-boggling. We present some of its top savories from its top-notch restaurants which have a pure Chicago signature making them truly unique. Check them out.

Sushi Burrito

If you are torn between the Mexican and Chinese cuisine, end your quest with the Sushi Burrito at the Sumo Restaurant. Do not be surprised if you are just not satisfied with one.

The Garrett Mix

Can you imagine creating a food list without mentioning Illinois’ official snack food? The Garrett Popcorn chain of shops offers the best popcorn that you have ever put in your mouth. Of its various addictive flavors, it’s patented, and signature popcorn is the Garrett Mix which has a unique flavor created by combining the sweet Caramel-Crisp with savory Cheese-corn. You would never find this mix of Cheddar and Caramel anywhere else.


Go for a fine dining experience at Fig and Olive Chicago. But always start your meal with Crostini. Despite its toppings varying from season to season, you will fail to try to find the time when it fails or disappoints. With exquisite ambiance and Instagram-worthy dishes, the food can be relished just about any time.


If you are a ribs fanatic, Chicago is the place to be. While you can find it almost at every eating joint; do not miss out at Gale Street Inn. The ribs of here are referred to as ‘Chicago’s Finest Ribs’.


Chicago is absolutely hung on burgers. Though available at various but none can compete with the Au Cheval’s burgers available at Brendan Sodikoff’s diner. You can never get them without waiting in line, but it is entirely worth it.  Raved by many publications as the country’s best, it’s simple, but spot on execution will redefine your interpretation of cheeseburgers.


Chicago is so addicted to pizza that there is mini pizza rivalry brimming anytime in Chicago. It has several pizza destinations which cannot be missed. If you like the original Chicago-style deep dish pizza, look no further than Giordano. Almost all its toppings are baked into the cheese for that unique taste.

Another terrific pizza joint is Blaze. You can customize your pizza anyway and expect to get it within three minutes. However, you would clean up your plate in less.