The Best Wild And Organic Seafood

Fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and is an important and much-needed nutrient for your body. Health and nutrition experts say that it is important that you increase the consumption of fish because of its health benefits, not only is it high in protein but it is also low in calories and saturated fats. So, where can you find wild fish of the finest quality?

The food you choose to eat has a great impact on your life! The mild flavor of the delicate Wild Alaskan Halibut and the flaky texture of the fish makes it the most popular and elegant entrée in your menu. No wonder seafood connoisseurs around the world love the halibut.

The Founder and President of Vital Choice, Randy Hartnell, was a former Alaska Fisherman, and he claims to deliver wild and organic fish of the highest quality. They clean and flash-freeze their fresh catch within hours of harvest, this is the reason why most health and wellness experts endorse the products of Vital Choice.

Why should you trust and choose Vital Choice Seafood? Did you know that a large part of the salmon that was sold in the market as ‘wild’ is actually farmed and harvested? Surprised, right? But the important question is how to differentiate between ‘wild and farmed’? Fish farming has gained popularity in the recent years because the heavy metal contaminants and pollutants are adversely affecting the environment, which in turn is affecting the availability of fish. Here, at Vital Choice, they certify that their wild fish and shell fish are free of all the hazardous levels of contaminants and pollutants because of the top quality seafood that comes from sustainable wild fisheries managed by professionals and certified by the State of Alaska. In the most uncertain of terms, the best quality seafood is available at Vital Choice Seafood.

The wild seafood from Vital Choice that arrives at your doorstep on dry ice has all the nutritional benefits of a fresh caught fish that is of premium quality. For orders of $99 or more, they offer free shipping, good value for your money. The Company believes in the well-being of their customers, so they make sure that they grow fish in the wild environment which is free of antibiotics, free of all kinds of pesticides, fertilizers and synthetic coloring agents. Last but not the least, Vital Choice ensures that they do not use the genetically modified organisms and maintain and stick to strict quality standards. With all this and a lot more in store, it has become easy for most people to get their hands on the best fish that money can buy. If you are one such seafood lover, then, the Alaskan halibut is what you should choose too.